Ménage à Ted

For Ted's (Justin Blenkle) 25th birthday, his girlfriend Carrie (Rae Wright) decides to give him the ultimate guy gift ... and it's not a motorcycle. So Ted, with his co-workers' help, search for the perfect third woman.

If this movie were rated: PG13 Comedy, Adult Content, Sexual Situations Time: 16:45 F-bombs: 0

Ménage à Ted Cast
Cast Character
Rae Wright Carrie
Justin Blenkle Ted
Marcus deLeon Ted's Dad
Linda Joy Henry Ted's Mom
Maggie Adair Upton Ted's Grandma
Sean Morneau Sticky
Vincent Dee Miles Charlie
Danielle Williams Amanda
Kat Monda Receptionist
Cameron Johnson Skinny New Guy
Lucinda Chrisman Hot MILF Temp
Tiffany Arscott Woman Dissing Ted 1
Claire Fischer Woman Dissing Ted 2
Kumio Saito Woman Dissing Ted 3
Marylin Monroach Woman Dissing Ted 4
Brittany Shaw Woman Dissing Ted 5
Brandee Rosenberry Woman Dissing Ted 6
Tarra Marina Flores Woman Dissing Ted 7
Manda Mikala Woman Dissing Ted 8
Adriana McManus Woman Kissing Carrie 1
Patrice Burnett Woman Kissing Carrie 2
Ariel Ryan Woman Kissing Carrie 3
Michelle Silcox Woman Kissing Carrie 4
Summer Hairabedian Candy Girl
Tiffany Norvella Foursome Woman
Jennifer Benedict Large Breasted Woman
McKenna Whiting Blackmailing Teenager
Eliza Webb Aunt Sylvia
Jessica Goldman Actress
David Ligon Guy In Office
Ménage à Ted Crew

If this movie were rated: PG13 Comedy, Adult Content, Sexual Situations F-bombs: 0

Crew Title
David Ligon Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Etc.
Jeff McPhee Director of Photography
Donovan Albright Assistant Camera

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